• Engineering – design of custom solutions, review of building code compliance or third party engineering analysis for qualification of structural integrity of oversized units.
  • Project Management – providing fully detailed shopdrawings, showing adjacent trades as well. Before delivery we provide a jobsite survey, reviewing controllines, MO-dimensions and recesses.
  • Installation of Windows&Doors, Brickmold, Jamb-Extentions, Shades and Hardware performed by PEETZ factory trained installers. State of Florida Glass & Glazing Contractor License # SCC 131 151 264
  • Installation of pressure treated wood bucks performed by PEETZ factory trained installers.
  • Waterproofing performed by PEETZ factory trained installers.
  • Low Voltage review – Review and test together with the Low Voltage Representative all low Voltage components as per shop-dwg’s and contract regarding: Alarm open/closed, Alarm locked/unlocked, Motor locks, Privacy glass, Slider Motorization, Door Motorization, Shade Motorization.
  • Waterfield testing- PEETZ has the full equipment, calibrated up to date, and trained Technicians to perform or assist water field testing:
    -based on ASTM E 1105 procedure A or B (chamber testing).
    -based on AAMA 501.2-09 Diagnostic water leakage field check.
  • Annual Technical Service – Once a year and as needed. The mechanical maintenance on all hardware which includes checking weep holes, weather stripping and caulking between window and concrete, frame and sash, sash and glass, corners and joints, glazing and caulk, glazing beads, cracks, glass quality, mechanism and performing adjustment and lubrication, check screws, faceplates and strike plates.
  • Annual Finish Waxing Service – Recommended once per year on exterior finish. Cleaning exterior finish with SIKKENS cleaner, applying SIKKENS maintenance wax.
  • Refinish service – Refinish and waxing service can be combined. Refinish will be only partially as needed (not entire job).