Product Minimalist


Minimalist Slider
  • Aluminum system thermally broken
  • Unlimited number of panels
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Recessed drainage and flush threshold (offset interior to exterior floor = 0) available. Track for modular threshold.
  • 90° cornerless layout available.
  • Flush pocketing or non pocketing.
  • Hydraulic Locking System included and allows for manual operation of panels up to max. 8’ x 12’ (Width x Height).
  • Hydraulic Soft Close function included.
  • Modular jambs and header available.
  • Finish galvanized and powder-coated to allow for field touch ups.
  • Interior solid wood veneer available.
  • Full motorization available.
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Product Minimalist

Fixed XXL Glazing

Contemporary In-/Outswing Doors
  • Miami Dade County approved at 75 psf design pressure for Large Missile Impact.
  • Max. size per approval:
    SGP Glass-Type: 99”x132” or 91”x144”
    PVB Glass-Type: 78 ½”x132” or 72”x144”
    or third party engineering for other dimensions available.
  • Aluminum system, mahogany or bronze cladding optional.
  • Allows for frameless glass installations.

Product Minimalist

Clipped Mullion

Contemporary Clipped Mullion
  • Miami Dade County approved structural steel bar which allows for ultra narrow dimensions when products are mulled together. It helps to project the architectural grid into the façade with a minimum of structure in-between.
  • Steel bar 13/16”x5 ½” with welded endplates which will be anchored to the opening substrate. The tested max. mullion length is 132” by 99” load width, at 75 psf design pressure for Large Missile Impact. Third party engineering for other dimensions is available.
  • All Peetz products can be mulled together with this clipped mullion.
  • Allows for glazing in stairways, entry- or open to below areas instead curtain wall systems. Most aluminum curtain walls are 3”x11 ¼” relatively deep and appear from the interior commercially, while our system with only 3”x7-8” (11’ or 12’ span) and mahogany caps provides a much more residential feeling.
  • At cross meeting bars all connections need to be welded. At the masonary 2500 PSI concrete with steel endplates and embedded anchors by others are required.